Industrial Control Research Group -GICI-

Engineering Education:

The research group has recognized the importance of Engineering Education, to seek academic excellence in student formation. This line investigates and implements curricular design methodologies, didactic strategies and technologies to support a student-centered education in the academic work areas of the Group. The GICI develops methodological frameworks for curricular design by competencies and project-based learning environments, with technological support of local and remote laboratories, (physical and virtual) and support tools for mathematical analysis, simulation and emulation of dynamic systems. 

Power Electronics:

This discipline is applicable to the different kinds of industries and processes that require the electrical energy management. The GICI has carried out design and implementation projects in this area with energy and sugar companies in the region. In recent years, new projects in control of alternative sources of energy and electric microgrids have been integrated. The group has been strengthening the power and electronic drive laboratory, and is constantly carrying out research, undergraduate and graduate projects in which it analyzes, simulates, designs and builds power converters, energy storage systems, generation control, Control in photovoltaic systems, speed variators and control in electrical machines.

Control of Biological Systems:

Control of biological systems is an emerging area of great social impact. This research area aims to develop systems and devices to support the rehabilitation and mobility of people with motor disabilities. At the same time, this area aims to make applications of control systems in agriculture and industrial process. This area is an interdisciplinary field work with research groups in perception and intelligent systems, human rehabilitation and biomechanical systems.

Industrial Control:

The research group recognize the importance about regulatory control, sequential control and faults diagnosis, on the automation of industry process. This line investigates on problems relatives with: industrial process modelling and their parametric identification, optimal control of industrial controllers, fault diagnosis, predictive control, control of agents, process automation, mines ventilation and technologies to automation and control.